CFP: Complicating the Avant-Garde: 20th Cen. American Women Writers (9/15/07; NEMLA, 4/10/08-4/13/08)

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Stephanie Farrar
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NEMLA in Buffalo, November 2007:

This panel invites a discussion of twentieth century
American women writers whose work can be considered
avant-garde, but whose work may challenge current
definitions of the avant-garde (e.g. Peter Bürger's).
Whether they have not been considered as members of
the "historical avant-garde" because of time of
writing, or for formal or cultural reasons, including
limited notions of "modernism" and "postmodernism,"
this panel seeks to question: 1. How definitions of
the avant-garde may serve to exclude experimental
female writers, and 2., Whether an avant-garde is
still possible.

Suggested writers include: Djuna Barnes, Gertrude
Stein, Susan Howe, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Cecilia
Vicuña and Harryette Mullen.

Suggested topics: Papers may choose to argue for or
against a broadening of the current notion of the
historical avant-garde, or may choose to propose a
contemporary writer's work as part of a current
extension of avant-garde practice.

Papers that propose how these and other American women
writers complicate, or force a reconsideration of the
"avant-garde" through their political or formally
experimental practices are welcomed.

Abstracts due September 15, 2007 for NEMLA conference
in Buffalo in November.

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