UPDATE: [20th] Cinema and Modernism (10/1/2007, 3/28/2008-3/30/2008)

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Andrew Shail

Updated Call for Papers

Cinema and Modernism

28th-30th March 2008
Oxford University, UK

****Abstract deadline extended*****

Keynote Speakers
David Trotter, Cambridge University
Laura Marcus, University of Sussex
Michael North, UCLA
Mary Ann Doane, Brown University

With new excavations in cinema history, and with the resurgence of
modernist studies, the question of the relationship between cinema and
modernism has become pressing. Recent work has shown that permutations of
the ‘movies and modernism’ question are still fluctuating. This
conference will explore a wide range of this question’s formulations:

To what extent was cinema precipitative of the modernism in any of the
arts? Can modernism be defined as a collection of deliberate cineastes?
What form of cinema was modernism a response to? Can cinema’s influences
be distinguished from those of visual culture in general? Were modernists
already modernists when their work became stained ‘cinematic’? Was
modernist film-making revolutionary or a mere continuation of existing
pedestrian approaches to film-making? Does modernist film-making still
exist? Can modernist writing on cinema be seen as either part of a
removal from mass culture or an embedding in it? Is the gender of cinema
just one aspect of modernism’s gender complex? Do the sensory alterations
occasioned by nineteenth-century visual culture show the modernist self
to be extant well before the emergence of cinema? How has modernism’s
place in the origins of film theory influenced the way we think about the
relationship between the arts and film? Is realism in cinema equivalent
to modernism in the existing arts? Were the cultural practices of the
cinema produced by the same historical forces that also generated
modernism? How have orthodoxies on the relationship between the two
changed during the last ninety years?

Ways of asking the ‘cinema and modernism’ question might include, but are
not limited to:
- Cinema as one of modernism’s causes
- ‘Cinematicity’ inside and outside modernism
- Cinematic and modernist world views as products of an earlier cause
- Modernist writing on film
- Modernist film
- Realism and modernism across media forms
- Film adaptations of modernist works
- The history of literature and film scholarship

Please send 300-word abstracts, for 20-minute papers, to Andrew Shail
(andrew.shail_at_st-annes.ox.ac.uk) by the 1st October 2007.


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