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Katie Brown
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Musical Modernism: Essays on Language and Music in Modernist Literature

      Abstracts are invited for a collection that focuses on the ways in
which modernist writers sought to emulate musical forms and styles in
their writing. From Joyce’s claim that writing a novel is
like “composing music,” to Pound’s belief that “poets who will not study
music are defective” through to Eliot’s statement that “a poet may gain
much from the study of music,” there is a sense in which modernist
writing had to be ‘musical.’ As writers moved away from established
literary forms, musical forms often served as the models for new forms in
literature. Consequently, there was an increased emphasis on the
musicality or the sound of the text and a strong involvement in locating
the ‘space’ between language and music. This collection seeks to
evaluate the importance of the emulation of music for modernist writers.
It welcomes essays on the influence of art music, especially with regard
to the emulation of the fugal form and the creation of polyphony through
language. It also seeks to evaluate the importance of the innovations of
early twentieth-century music on modernist literature, and address how
the shift from tonal to atonal musical forms may have influenced various
writers. In addition, this volume welcomes essays that evaluate the
emulation of traditional music, popular music of the time, and radio and
film music. Please submit abstracts of one page to Dr. Katie Brown at
brokatie_at_gmail.com and Dr. Katherine O’Callaghan at
katherineocallaghan_at_hotmail.com by 1 December, 2007.

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