CFP: [20th] ACLA 2008 4/24-27, New Migrations in the Balkans and the Mediterranean

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Tatjana Aleksic
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We invite paper proposals for the accepted panel at the next ACLA meeting at Long Beach, April
24-27 2008:

>From Emigrant to Immigrant Cultures:
 New Migrations in the Balkans and the Mediterranean

The countries of Southeastern Europe and the Mediterranean have historically contributed large
immigrant populations to industrialized nations. However, with the fall of Communism and
abolition of internal EU borders many of these nations find themselves at the receiving end of
global migrations. Italy and Greece, for example, first faced the bursting of the barriers of the
Albanian Communist isolation and have since become preferred destinations of global
migrations. In the Balkans most nations find themselves in the paradoxical situation â€" while the
domestic population is still leaving their fragile economies, due to their affiliations with the EU
they attract considerable immigrant populations. Such migratory exchanges create a climate
relatively new to these cultures that until recently used to define themselves in terms of
homogeneity and exclusivity.

While it may be too early to discuss established migrant or hybrid cultures in these nations, we
are interested in exploring the emerging awareness and recognition of the newly created cultural
situation. How does the host culture respond to the presence of the immigrant, or is their
presence ignored and why? How visible are migrant authors on the cultural scene of their chosen
cultures? Who are their audiences? How do they overcome the language barrier? We invite papers
that present the ways in which the cultural production in the region articulates exile, immigrant
and post-immigrant identities, negotiates racism and prejudice, responds to ethnocentric
homogeneity of host cultures, overcomes linguistic barriers and reaches broader audiences (or

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