CFP: [20th] Quaderni del '900 - vol. 7

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Dr Tiziana Morosetti

Quaderni del ’900 â€" Call for papers, volume 7, Italy in English-Language
Literature from 1900 to the Present Day (Editor: Tiziana Morosetti). The
volume proposes to offer a reflection on how Italian literature and culture
is a presence in and influence on modern and contemporary English-language
literatures, including the literatures of Great Britain, the United States
and postcolonial Anglophone countries. Not only literary relationships
between Italian literature and twentieth- and twenty-first-century works in
English but also the other contacts that from 1900 onwards have existed
between Italy (its culture, geography, authors and intellectuals) and
writers and critics working in English are examined. The volume intends to
tackle the presence not only of contemporary and real Italy in literatures
in English but also of imaginary, stereotypical and historical Italies.
Possible themes may include, but are not limited to: travel-writing on
Italy by English-language writers; Italy and its cultural manifestations
(culinary, musical, artistic) in English-language writing; the Italian
stereotype in contemporary English-language writing (including comparisons
with earlier works); Italian academia and English-language writers; the
influence of Italian literary works, authors or literary trends on
English-language literature; the influence of modern and contemporary
Italian thought on British, American and postcolonial critical theory;
Italian settings and characters in English-language literature. The volume
does not set out to be a study of migrant literature: articles on
Italian-American or Italian-Canadian authors will not be taken into
consideration. Furthermore, given the degree to which there are
pre-existing studies, contributions on Dante’s influence on the works of
Pound or Eliot or on the influence of Gramsci’s thought on postcolonial
literature will not be taken into consideration. Articles no longer than 65
000 characters, including spaces, in either Italian or English, accompanied
by a 300-word abstract and one-page biography must be sent to by the 5th of February 2008.

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