UPDATE: [20th] Panel CFP on "Violence Narratives" for (dis)junctions graduate conference

full name / name of organization: 
Alan Richard Lovegreen


Contributors are invited to submit critical works on the effects of
violence in narratives. Papers may examine any aspect of violence,
including specific texts and/or critical and cultural frameworks for such
texts. What sort of cultural and individual capacities for violent
events are articulated in our current cultural moment? How do cultural
understandings of violence affect understandings of self? How do
violence narratives influence and change notions of gender, sex, family,
and reproduction?

Other Potential Topics Include:
giving testimony
violence and gender
domestic violence
child abuse
war narratives
psychological violence
social displacement
fictional and non-fictional narratives of violence
violence narratives and postmodernism

Abstracts of 250-300 words should be emailed to
alan.lovegreen_at_email.ucr.edu by February 15, 2008 (text in the body of
the message; please no attachments).

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