UPDATE: [20th] fFuturity and the Style of the Modern l (3/15/08; PAMLA, 11/07/08-11/08/08)

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Note extended deadline.

Inviting papers (15-20 minutes) for “Futurity and the Style of the Modern”
Panel of the 106th Annual Pacific Ancient & Modern Language Association
Conference, Pomona College in Claremont, California, November 7-8th 2008.

Futurity and the Style of the Modern

>From the boom of late-Victorian speculative fiction typified by the
work of H.G. Wells to the use of futuristic styles in American
automobile designs of the 1950s, the image of the future became a
privileged signifier of modernity in the first half of the twentieth
century. This panel analyzes the new experience of futurity as a style
of the modern in literature, popular culture, film, and theory. How did
promises of cultural renovation issued by advertising, popular fiction
and the avant gardes teach individuals to consume tomorrow today? To
what extent did modernist writers and publishers use the rhetoric of
futurity to market modernism to its audiences? What are the cultural
politics offered by different uses and conceptions of the future? Is
there a future of gender, race, class, or sexuality underlying phenomena
such as the “New Woman,” “New Man,” and so forth? And finally how did
new conceptions of temporality offered by schools of thought such as
phenomenology and psychoanalysis contribute to the stylization of the
future in this period? This panel takes a cultural materialist approach
to understanding modernist style and views futurity as a key style of
the modern.

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Please send paper title, 50-word abstract, & 500-word proposal by APRIL 7.

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