CFP: [20th] From Wright to King and Beyond: Left Public Intellectuals in Times of American War: International

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Justin Scott-Coe

>From Wright to King and Beyond: Left Public Intellectuals in Times of
American War: International Perspectives

Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture
Issue Announcement
Call for Papers

Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture
<> is proud to announce the publication of
Vol. 8, No. 1, 2008: Class, Culture and Public Intellectuals.
Reconstruction now calls for papers that engage international and/or
internationalist Left perspectives on the "American Century," or that
consider the relevance such international perspectives have for our current
climate of ongoing "war on terror." Accepted contributions will be
published in a special section of Reconstruction 8.4, due out later this year.

Reconstruction 8.1 was co-edited by Graham Barnfield, Joseph Ramsey and
Victor Cohen, and featured work by Matthew Abraham (forthcoming), Alice
Beja, Paul Buhle, Andrew Calcutt, George Ciccariello-Maher, Christopher D.
Craig, Charles D. Cunningham, Anthony Dawahare, Grover Furr, Brett Gary,
Amy Gentry, Marvin E. Gettleman, Mark J. Goodman, Rich Hancuff, Paul M.
Heideman, John Marsh, Carl Grey Martin, William J. Maxwell, Bill V. Mullen,
Robert Niemi, Marc Ouellette, James Panton, Paula Rabinowitz, James
Smethurst, Brian Thill, Robert Vanderlan, and Manuel Yang. The issue also
features interviews with Michael Denning, Barbara Foley, Bill Martin, Ellen
Schrecker, and Alan Wald.
2008 marks the centenary of Richard Wright's birth, and the 40th
anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. While both of these
major figures are often positioned as American public intellectuals, their
international vision seems to us especially relevant today. 2008 is a year
which, for us, offers no end in sight to either the "war on terror" abroad
or the "war" on critical thinking at home. What relevance does the thought
and practice of this duo, and of other international and/or
internationalist public intellectuals of the mid-twentieth century, have to
contribute to our struggles in the twenty-first?

Following Reconstruction 8.1, we invite papers that address these and
related topics. In the spirit of the existing essays, reviews and
interviews in the March 2008 special issue, the editors propose rounding
off the year with further debate, analysis, and contributions to the
creation of a "humanscape" of the radical intelligentsia, furthering our
understanding of its lives, ideas, organizations, victories, and misadventures.

We welcome responses to ideas outlined in Reconstruction 8.1, especially
contributions which commemorate and evaluate Richard Wright in his
centenary year. This could include essays of up to 10,000 words in length,
along with shorter "reconsiderations" of a wide range of established or
neglected works emerging from this milieu.

Please send proposals to Graham Barnfield (,
Joseph Ramsey (, and Victor Cohen
( no later than July 1, 2008. Publication is
expected in the fourth quarter of 2008.

Consult the submissions guide
<> for further details on

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