CFP: [20th] CFP- Panel MSA X: The Modernist Mediterranean (5/5/08; MSA X 11/13/08-11/16/08)

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Edwige Tamalet Talbayev
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Abstracts are sought for a proposed panel for the 10th Annual Conference
of the Modernist Studies Association in Nashville, TN, November 13-16,

The conference website is available at

“The Modernist Mediterranean”
“The Mediterranean of the Modernists is in turmoil, aesthetically, and
politically; no longer, or not solely, a culture or a humanity to be
consumed on location or at home, but a source of debate, ideas and forms
[…], a culture addressed in its bewildering diversity and linguistic
wealth; not a promised land nor a necropolis, but a laboratory and a
workshop.” (Caroline Patey, Foreword to Anglo-American Modernity and the

This panel seeks to explore representations of the Mediterranean
(Southern Europe and North Africa) in various modernist traditions. Which
characterizations of the Mediterranean underlie modernist tropes? How do
modernist representations of the Mediterranean inform imaginative
conceptions of the genealogy of colonial Europe and of its modernity?
What role do such configurations of the region play in the articulation
and complication of responses to modern experiences of race, gender, and
cross-cultural encounters in a colonial context? Papers examining
modernist aesthetics in relation to the development of European national
and colonial projects will be especially welcome. Papers may examine Euro-
American (Anglophone and non-Anglophone) forms of modernism or
Mediterranean responses to these configurations.

Please send 250-word abstracts and a short biographical note to Edwige
Tamalet Talbayev at by May 5th.

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