CFP: [20th] Modernism and Mediation (5/1/08; MSA X; 11/13/08 - 11/16/08)

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Jeremy Braddock
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Modernism and Mediation

This panel seeks proposals for papers that explore methodological questions
related to mediation and reflexivity in recent scholarship on modernism.
In the late 1970s, the concept of mediation was fundamental to the
programmatic critiques initiated by Raymond Williams and Fredric Jameson of
the relations between object, research, and discipline. For each of these
critiques, the notion of mediation was instrumental in challenging the
autonomy of academic disciplines and, albeit differently, helped to usher
in the age of cultural studies.

Recent scholarship -- including Lawrence Rainey’s _Institutions of
Modernism_, the Modernist Journals Project, and the renewed attention to
material textuality and genetic criticism -- has approached the phenomenon
of mediation in a more immediate or literal way, and has productively
brought forward a new field of concerns for modernist study ("material
modernisms"). In light of this work, this panel aims to ask what can be
gained by re-examining the theoretical concept of mediation in a
sociological register, in relation, for example, to Pierre Bourdieu’s
reflexive account of method and institution. At stake, perhaps, is the
orientation of scholarship to cultural formations positioned between the
categories of aesthetic production and reception.

The panel welcomes proposals that make such explorations through the
example of a particular object of research. Areas of particular interest

        * libraries, archives, anthologies, and collections
        * circulation, publishing, editing, reviewing, and advertising
        * technologies of inscription, storage, and dissemination
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