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Ralph G. Giordano
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Subject: Book Proposal

I have a new project from Greenwood Press as the series editor for a ten-
volume series on social dancing in America after 1960.
I am looking for authors.
Ralph G. Giordano

Info as follows:
Ten volume companion set: “The American Dance Floor.”
A series of 10 small books that focus on types of dances.
Here are the proposed topics:
Ballroom Dances
Swing dances
Hip Hop dances/Break dancing/urban dances
Rock 'n' roll dances: 1950s-60s (Author: Sagolla)
Ditto (1970s-present?)
Latin dances
Folk and Square Dancing
Country Dancing and Line dancing (Author: Giordano)
Fads and Party Dances
Underground (like slam dancing)
The projected retail cost is $39.95 HC, intended as a reference / general
reader. Each book will be packaged and sold separately, but under a
general style and format so that each follows a similar set-up. 75 to
80,000 words. Two-year contract beginning on or about May 1, 2008.
We are in negotiations to have the author’s receive 10% royalty and a
small advance. Photo permissions would be set up as a budget and paid by
We will be selecting authors (myself and my senior editor at Greenwood
Debby Adams) based on C.V., prior authorship, and submission of an
outline/proposal; of the subject matter. We can certainly talk and iron
out all the details, if you are interested. In addition, if you know any
others that might be interested, let me know.
All the best,

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