CFP: [20th] The Grand Tour of Britain: Modernismâs (Multi)Mediations of Place - MSA X (5/5; 11/13-16)

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Jon Hegglund
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The Grand Tour of Britain: Modernism’s (Multi)Mediations of Place - MSA X

In his 2007 _Novels, Maps, Modernity_, Eric Bulson argues that modernism
engages in an “oriented disorientation” that can transform reading into an
experience of exile and alienation. Similarly, in _Unknowing: The Work of
Modernist Fiction_ (2005), Philip Weinstein uses Freud’s articulation of
the uncanny to posit that modernist fictions present us with spaces that
are dysfunctional for both protagonists and readers. While many accounts
of modernist displacement are founded upon experiences of metropolitan,
transnational, or cosmopolitan mobility, this panel explores how the
multiple media of modernism help to render uncanny the heimlich spaces of
Great Britain. We propose that the dysfunctional topographies of modernity
"at home" both engaged and challenged a multimedia modernism that includes
film, image, map, and guidebook. Rather than claiming such disorientation
as a purely textual event, this panel examines how and why modernist and
modernist-influenced cultural producers appropriated or juxtaposed media to
effect reorientations in the "green and pleasant land." We are especially
interested in how these works both produce and dislocate a sense of
place-based collective identityâ€"local, regional, or nationalâ€"for readers
and viewers.

This panel welcomes work that engages with forms of media including (though
not limited to) film, visual arts, architecture, and maps and charts.
Please send paper abstracts (200-300 words) and a brief scholarly biography
to Eve Sorum ( and Jon Hegglund ( by May

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