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Michelle Morgan
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I'm putting together a panel on urban constructions of queer identity for the IDKE.X
(International Drag King Extravaganza) 2008 conference, "Cultural Depots & Queer Destinations,"
to be held October 16-19 in Columbus, OH. Specifically, I am thinking of the ways contemporary
queer writing about the "city" is (in)formed by gender. My own work focuses on how Eileen
Myles's Chelsea Girls works within this context. I'm interested, also, in how for writers like
Michelle Tea and the Sister Spit group, Myles has come (ironically?) to embody a kind of cultural
icon for a new generation of queer femme writers. How do recent and upcoming conferences like
the Femme Collective's "The Architecture of Femme" use the urban landscape and the metaphor
of architecture as a category for gender analysis? Even more to the point, how does the IDKE.X’s
conference title rely on the specificity of place as a seemingly separate location for queer
identity, which is, loosely, defined by less definite terms? What is at stake when we use the
"urban" as a source for queer (not gay, not lesbian) identity construction? Can we be queer in the
country, and if so, how? How do constructions of femme subjectivity hinge on butch/king
identity within the city/country binary? This panel will look at how queer writing, the urban
landscape, and gender performance intersect, possibly with Myles's work as a unifying theme if
there is sufficient interest. Of course, papers that address any of the questions above (with or
without a Myles bent) are more than free to submit, and potential panelists are welcome to pose
(and possibly answer!) other questions, as well.

Please submit a 250-400 word abstract and contact information within the body of your email to
Michelle Morgan, University of Southern Maine,, no later than August
15, 2008.

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