CFP: [20th] Tradition, Transposition: Influence, Intertext (20th C)

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James Gifford

Tradition, Transposition: Influence, Intertext

The Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture Since 1900

Louisville, KY | 19-21 February

For the 2009 Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture Since 1900,
the International Lawrence Durrell Society is preparing a series of panels
aimed at promoting dialogue and collaboration among the various societies
and associations represented annually at the conference as well as other
groups. To this end, we invite proposals for papers on a variety of topics
that will promote discussion of Modernist authors in their milieu and
across the Twentieth Century. Loosely, the established paradigms of plural
Modernisms and of Late Modernism will unify the panels while thematic foci
will provide avenues of discussion. Possible topics might include:

  + Writing the Mediterranean: H.D., Durrell, Woolf,
     Seferis, Cavafy, etc.
  + Editorial Interventions: From Blast to The Booster,
     Hogarth Press to Faber & Faber
  + The Interbellum Left Bank: Literary Paris from the
     1920s to the 1930s
  + Poetics and Politics: Modernist Activism from Fascism,
     Liberalism, Socialism, to Anarchism
  + From Urban to Rural Landscapes: Hemingway, Eliot,
     Aldington, Woolf, Durrell
  + Reading 1922 to 1939: Ulysses to Finnegans Wake
     Framing Late Modernism
  + 1930s Radical Styles: Barnes' Nightwood, Miller's
     Tropic of Cancer, Beckett's Murphy, Durrell's Black Book,
     and so forth
  + Freud Ascendant: Reading the Dream Between the Wars
  + "Where are the War Poets?": Literature of WWI and WWII
  + Queering the Modern: Sexualities and/not Identities
  + From Imagism to English Surrealism and the Avant Garde
  + European Influences on Anglo-American Writing

These topics need not limit proposals, and all papers that allow for
meaningful dialogue between groups active in Twentieth Century literature
will be considered. Papers relating two or more authors are particularly
welcome, but this is not required. Ideally, panels will have topically
related papers that then allow for discussion of the relations among
authors. Papers on Pound, Eliot, Woolf, Joyce, H.D., Aldington, Durrell,
Thomas, Barnes, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Beckett, Miller, Nin, and their
milieu are particularly welcome (the so-called High and Late modernists).

These panels will not displace or disrupt the panels already held by
individual societies. Instead, they will add to these existing panels by
promoting interaction and mutual attendance. It will be possible to ensure
panels do not conflict in the schedule. Not all panels or papers will
address Durrell’s works or any other particular figure. After several years
of successful panels on related authors occurring adjacent to each other,
the present as an appropriate time to develop dialogue between these panels
to further collaborative work and research.

Send one-page proposals by 12 September 2008 to:

James Gifford, Mount Royal College

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