CFP: [20th] Yeats conference in Lille (France), 6-7 Feb 2009

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Alexandra Poulain
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6-7 February 2009

Yeats’s Anniversary Conference: “Voice and Mask: Performing Identities.”

Université Charles de Gaulle â€" Lille III, in association with Georgia
State University.

This conference seeks to address the whole corpus of Yeats’s poetic and
dramatic works, as well as his prose writings.
Yeats’s impressive array of personae or masks combines with conscious
manipulation of voice, ranging from the remote and dignified to the
trivial and lowly. Variations on voice and mask are decisive modalities of
Yeats’s effort to recreate an oral tradition and thus contribute to the
elaboration of Ireland’s cultural identity. On the other hand, they also
relate to his histrionic propensity for “remaking himself” simultaneously
with his own creation. Whether collective or individual, “identity” is
thus envisaged as plural and inchoate, as performance rather than essence.
Thus, this paradoxical ontology of “voice and mask” in turn calls
attention to the element of theatricality at the heart of Yeatsian
aesthetics, in dramatic and non-dramatic forms alike. It also invites
analyses of the ways in which literature overlaps with, and sometimes
seeks to absorb, other art forms, in particular music and the visual arts;
central to Yeats’s oeuvre, for instance, is the tension and constant
alternation between stasis and kinetic energy.

Confirmed keynote speakers include Jacqueline Genet (Caen University),
Warwick Gould (University of London) Nicholas Grene (Trinity College,
Dublin), and Margaret Mills Harper (Georgia State University).

We invite contributions on the conference theme or on other Yeats-related
areas. Proposals for 20-mn papers should be sent to Alexandra Poulain
( by 3 October 2008.

Scientific committee:
Pr. Carle Bonnafous-Murat, Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris III
Pr. Margaret Mills-Harper, Georgia State University
Dr. Elizabeth Muller, Université de Nantes
Pr. Alexandra Poulain, Université Charles de Gaulle â€" Lille III

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