CFP: [20th] Locating the Coterie: Writersâ Circles and their Cities

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Pamela J. Francis
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Locating the Coterie: Writers’ Circles and their Cities
The Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture Since 1900
                                  Louisville, KY | 19-21 February 2009

While Paris stands as the urban icon of the literary and artistic world in
the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, many other cities have
served as a locus for writers and artists, who by common attitudes towards
their art, by the virtue of proximity, or by forces such as war and empire,
have settled in a particular city. For instance,

Berlin: The House of Arts and the Writers Club: Russians in Berlin, 1921-1923
Athens: Durrell, Spencer, Liddell, and the British Council
London: the FitzRoy Tavern between the Wars
New Orleans: Anderson, Faulkner, et al, 1920’s
New York: February House, 1940-41
Cairo: Refugee English Poets, World War II

In each city, certain situations and conditions have influenced the writers
and artists themselves, and we may assume that the coteries have in turn
shaped the space and place of that city, even to the extent of a permanent
association with a building or neighborhood (e.g., February House in New
York) . The International Lawrence Durrell Society requests papers on
topics that address the relationship between coteries and their locations,
or that investigate a single writer in relation to his or her urban locus.
We are particularly interested in papers that address Lawrence Durrell and
his affiliation to both specific locations and other writers. Topics may
include but are not limited to:

War and Dis/location (Berlin, c. 1917, Cairo in World War II),
Nationalism, Literature, and the City (Vienna and Zionism)
The Occupation of Space: How Writers Inscribed a City (WPA Artists in
Defining a Literary “Circle”

This panel complements a series of panels sponsored by the International
Lawrence Durrell Society aimed at promoting dialogue and collaboration
among the various societies and associations represented annually at the
Louisville conference and other conferences. To this end, we invite
proposals for papers on a variety of topics that will promote discussion of
Modernist authors in their milieu and across the Twentieth Century.

Please send a 1-page abstract to Pamela Francis, International Lawrence
Durrell Society, by Sept. 12, 2008. Final papers should
be limited to 20 minute presentations.

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