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Call for Papers for the Zero issue of Limit(e) Beckett

I was very fond of fences,
of wire fences, very fond indeed;
not of walls, nor palisades,
nor opacious hedges, no;
but to all that limited motion,
without limiting vision, to the ditch, the dyke,
the barred window, the bog,
the quicksand, the paling, I was deeply attached,
at that time, deeply deeply attached.

(Watt, p. 156)

What demarcates one language from another?
How are we to conceive of and cross over such limits?

Born of the need to draw together two adjacent yet relatively disconnected
ways of thinking, Limit(e) Beckett aims to break down the barriers between
the anglophone and francophone critical universes.
On the example of a limit, from the Latin limes, a borderline between
fields and a passageway, our aim is to open a space for dialogue where,
within Beckett studies, various territories, both linguistic and cultural,
can be explored and different approaches combined. The hope is that by
offering them a place to showcase their publications, Limite(e) will bring
researchers â€" whether anglophone or francophone, young or established â€"
into increased contact with one another.
Following in the footsteps of Beckett himself, we endeavour to place
ourselves on the threshold of two zones of thought, and in testing the
limit(e) of each and looking obliquely at both Beckett’s oeuvre and Beckett
scholarship, to open up spaces for new readings.
To this end, we have set up an editorial board and an advisory council made
up of eminent Beckett scholars from the international scene, who have
agreed to lend their support to this pioneering project: Linda Ben-Zvi,
Mary Bryden, Bruno Clément, Gabriele Frasca, Andrew Gibson, Evelyne
Grossman, Denis Guénoun, Sjef Houppermans, Carla Locatelli, Angela
Moorjani, Mark Nixon, Jean-Michel Rabaté, Dirk Van Hulle.

The following is a list (by no means exhaustive) of themes on which we
invite papers:
1. The current situation in francophone and anglophone Beckett research
(with points of agreement and divergencies)
2. Bilingualism, in relation to translation as the site of passage from one
language to another
3. Interconnections between literature and philosophy
4. Literature and psychoanalysis
5. Literature and other artistic media, for example, painting, music,
visual arts
6. Comparative literature (Beckett and other authors)
7. Literature and science
8. Other themes connected with the notion of ‘limit’ in Beckett’s work,
such as passages, thresholds, borders, edges, and contours.

We are pleased to announce the launching of the biannual electronic
journal, Limit(e) Beckett (0 issue)

Limit/e Beckett is an international electronic journal, published by a team
of Beckett doctoral candidates in partnership with two universities: Paris
IV-Sorbonne and Paris VII-Denis Diderot.

Languages: French and English
Format: Abstract (2 pages, spacing 1.5)
Deadline for submissions: 30 November 2008

We will contact the authors of the selected abstracts at the beginning of
January 2009. Articles (between 15000 and 35000 characters, spaces
included) should be submitted by the 31 March 2009.
Online publication: Spring 2009, on the site Limit(e) Beckett (under


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