UPDATE: [20th] Globalisation and the Gothic

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Glennis Byron
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Call for papers: Globalisation and the Gothic
University of Stirling, Scotland
28-29 July 2009

The AHRC Global Gothic Network, in association with the University of
Stirling, Scotland, invites proposals for a multidisciplinary conference on
the topic of ‘Globalisation and the Gothic’. Our main concerns are with the
production of gothic in a global marketplace, and the ways in which
globalisation has led to new forms of Gothic and to a plethora of
appropriations and adaptations.

We are interested in proposals which consider film, literature, music,
dance, performance, painting, photography, fashion, digitalisation, etc.

Possible topics include, but are not limited, to the following:

• Examples of Gothic from around the world (e.g. Kiwi Gothic, Japanese
Gothic, Mexican Gothic, Australian Gothic).
• Cross cultural exchanges: hybrid forms, cultural translations
• Modernity against tradition: ‘gothic’ technologies, local cultures and
global contexts
• Appropriation/ adaptation
• The transformation of local myths and beliefs into a gothic mode.
• Visual/ Digital forms and media (screen/ computer games /)
• Gothic and performance (art/ music/ dance)
• The impact of J-horror (or K-horror….etc)
• Goth as globalised mode
• Differences between globalised gothic forms and postcolonial gothic
• Questions of genre: The extent to which the term ‘gothic’ is being
appropriated and attached to genres previously defined by other terms (e.g.
magical realism) and why.
• The role played by technology /visual media / music / subcultures in the
emergence of gothic in a globalised world.
• Translation issues for gothic as a global mode.
• Globalisation as a gothic manifestation

Delivery time for presentation is 20 minutes. Some support will be
available for postgraduates giving papers.

Deadline for the receipt of 200 word abstracts is 12 February 2009.

Abstracts and queries to glennis.byron_at_stir.ac.uk or mail to Glennis Byron,
Department of English Studies, University of Stirling, Stirling, Scotland,
FK9 4LA.

See also the AHRC Global Gothic network website:

Associates of the AHRC Global Gothic network include Katarzyna Ancuta,
Colette Balmain, Francesca Billiani, Fred Botting, Steven Bruhm, Glennis
Byron, Ian Conrich, Justin Edward, Ken Gelder, Terry Hale, Avril Horner,
Sarah Neely, Andrew Hock Soon Ng, Charles Inouye, David Punter, Victor
Sage, Tabish Khair, Abigail Lee Six, Marilyn Michaud, Barry Murnane, Amy
Palko, Brian Rock, Andrew Smith, Aspasia Stephanou, Dale Townshend,
Isabella van Elferen and Sue Zlosnik.

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