CFP: [20th] Women of Color Writers and Environmental Justice Literature (RMMLA 2009)

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Andrea Campbell
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As the environmental movement gains more attention, many
genres of literature reveal their own insights of the natural world
and how the concept of "nature" varies between different people. This
panel is particularly interested in works by women of color and how
they are using literature to challenge definition, expand the
boundaries of the environment, and discover new routes towards
environmental justice. Prominent examples include works by Ana
Castillo, Linda Hogan, and Toni Morrison. Some important questions
that papers may address:

What counts as an "environment"? How are traditional notions being
challenged by women of color?

How are social issues inextricably linked to the environment and how
are women of color writers portraying these connections?

What challenges are faced by women of color writers? What is at stake
in terms of the environment?

How/Why are women of color writers using literature as an
environmental justice tool?

How are women of color writers using different literary genres to
discuss the environment/environmental justice?

Other topics related to women of color writers and environmental
justice literature are also welcome. Abstracts of 250-500 words
should be emailed to Andrea Campbell, Washington State University, by March 1st, 2009.

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