UPDATE: [20th] critical studies series in science fiction

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Dr Paul Andrew March-Russell

SF Storyworlds is a new critical studies series in science fiction,
edited by Dr Paul March-Russell (University of Kent) and by other leading
writers and critics in science fiction, and distributed by UK academic
publisher Gylphi. It aims to explore the evolution of science fiction and
its impact upon contemporary culture. We are interested in rethinking the
possibilities of the genre, in particular, the roles of different media
(literature, film, television, radio, the Internet and comic strip),
critical and cultural theory, and translation studies, including SF from
Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Genre is itself a central
question (for example, in the work of M. John Harrison, China Mieville or
Tricia Sullivan), especially as an indicator of the current and future
directions of SF. Possible themes might include (but are not limited to):

SF studies and interdisciplinarity
Anglo-American SF in the context of world literature
SF and political criticism
SF and the avant-garde (in literature, film and the visual arts)
Women and SF
Race and sexuality in SF
Beyond cyberpunk: new paradigms in SF

We welcome monographs, single author studies and essay collections,
including anthologies based upon conference proceedings, in keeping with
the series aims. The average length of publication will be between 60,000
and 80,000 words. Proposals can either be emailed to P.A.March-
Russell_at_kent.ac.uk or sent to Dr Paul March-Russell, School of
European Culture and Languages, University of Kent, Canterbury, CT2 7NF,
England, UK. Further details about the series, including our editorial
board, can be found at our website: http://sf.gylphi.co.uk

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