CFP: [20th] MLA 2009 Hunger

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Zahi Zalloua
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MLA 2009 (Philadelphia)

Session sponsored by the Society for Critical Exchange:


Welcome are papers that critically engage the rhetoric of hunger, paying
attention to its referential and figural use. What is hunger? Is it a
sign of our humanity or animality? Who is the paradigmatic subject of
hunger? Is its meaning transhistorical and transcultural? Or is it imbued
in ideology, and thus irremediably discursive and historically contingent?
 Whose hunger is acknowledged and whose is ignored? Is hunger an
ontological or ontic concern? A metaphysical desire (the hunger for
recognition) or biological need (the hunger for food)? A global problem to
be eradicated, or a perpetual reminder of our embodiment and exposure to
others? Can an inquiry into hunger ever be disentangled from biopolitics?
 Is theory, or the desire for interdisciplinarity, an expression of
intellectual hunger? Can we speak of both an aesthetics of hunger and a
hunger for aesthetics?

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