CFP: Negotiating Homeplace in 19th c. (4/15/07; collection)

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During the English and American industrial eras (1840-1910), =
homelessness was more than a lack of home ownership. It often implied a =
lack of opportunity, a lack of identity, a lack of acceptance. During =
this era, how did individuals negotiate their space (or lack thereof)? =
How did their homes - or lack thereof - aid or hinder their own =
development and position in society? What spaces did they transform, =
and in what ways did they manage to maintain, create, or reconstitute =
their homes?=20


Contributors to the volume will address representations of home and =
homelessness in literature written between 1840 and 1910. Essays might =
examine how, in this era known for domestic fiction, literary depictions =
of homelessness expose the darker side of prevailing ideologies.




Farleigh Dickinson University Press has expressed interest in this =
collection, which is based on the proceedings of two 2007 NeMLA panels. =
Please send abstracts of 300-500 words to Grace Wetzel; =

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