CFP: Translation in All Its Forms: Literary, Cultural and Intermedial (1/29/07; 3/23/07)

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Joanna Daxell

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*8th Annual Graduate Conference in Comparative Canadian Literature



Universit=E9 de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Quebec =96 Friday, March 23, 2007

This conference seeks to explore issues relative to translation across
language, culture and media within Canada and Quebec's literatures and
cultures. Translation is an inevitable concern of comparative studies. It i=
also translation that gives us access to the interliminal space in which
alternative approaches to understanding culture become apparent. Translatio=
should here be understood in its relation to the Other, as a place of
exchange and interaction between languages, cultures and media on both the
national and international level.

*Possible topics include*:

Translation and identity politics

Translating the diasporic self in migrant writing

Translating marginalized discourse

Translating trauma

Translating humour across cultures

Translating space

Translating cultural memory

Cultural encounters in translation

Translating the nation

Translation in global contexts

Translation and transcultural hybridization

Adaptation across media

Loss and limitations in translations between genres and between media

New Media and hybridity of genre

Translating the visual

Misunderstanding, misreading and the untranslatable

Code-switching, xenism and multilingualism

Fictional interpreters and translators

Bilingual aesthetics


*Guest Speakers*:

*Louise Ladouceur* (Translator and Associate Professor of French Studies,
Facult=E9 Saint-Jean, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB)

* *

*Drew Hayden Taylor* (Playwright and Essayist, Curve Lake First Nation, ON)

*Rita Wong* (Poet and Assistant Professor of Critical and Cultural Studies,
Emily Carr Institute, Vancouver, BC)

This bilingual conference is organized by graduate students in the
Comparative Canadian Literature Programme at the Universit=E9 de Sherbrooke=
Sherbrooke, Qu=E9bec. It is open to graduate students from all over
Canadaand abroad interested in
Canada and Quebec's literatures and cultures. It will provide students wit=
an excellent opportunity to share their research as well as to present and
discuss their work in a professional and supportive environment.


Abstract submissions, in English or French, should be approximately 250-500
words in length. Presentations should last 15 minutes, which will leave
plenty of time for discussion.

The deadline for abstract submissions is *Monday, January 29, 2007*.

Please submit proposals by email to

For more information about the conference and our guest speakers please
visit the conference website at:<

The conference proceedings will be published on-line.

Organizing committee:

Joanna Daxell

Linda Goin

Caroline Rivard

Jonathan S=E9guin


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8e Colloque annuel des =E9tudiantes et =E9tudiants en Litt=E9rature canadie=



* *

Universit=E9 de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Qu=E9bec =96 Vendredi 23 mars 2007*=

Ce colloque traitera de th=E8mes relatifs =E0 la traduction =E0 travers le
langage, la culture et les m=E9dias dans les litt=E9ratures et cultures du
Canada et du Qu=E9bec. La traduction est un espace de r=E9flexion que les =
comparatives doivent in=E9vitablement prendre en compte. C'est aussi la
traduction qui nous donne acc=E8s =E0 l'espace interliminal =E0 travers leq=
uel les
approches alternatives de compr=E9hension de la culture deviennent =E9viden=
La traduction doit ici =EAtre entendue au sens de rapport =E0 l'Autre, de l=
d'=E9change et d'interaction entre langues, cultures et m=E9dias, autant su=
r le
plan national qu'international.

Les sujets trait=E9s peuvent porter sur les th=E8mes suivants, sans toutefo=
s'y limiter :

La traduction culturelle et les politiques identitaires

La traduction de l'identit=E9 diasporique dans l'=E9criture migrante

La traduction du trauma

La traduction de l'humour entre les cultures

La traduction de l'espace

La traduction de la m=E9moire culturelle

Les rencontres culturelles en traduction

La traduction de la nation

La traduction en contexte global

La traduction et l'hybridation transculturelle

L'adaptation interm=E9diatique

Les pertes et les contraintes en traduction entre genres et entre m=E9dias

Les nouveaux m=E9dias et l'hybridit=E9 des genres

La traduction du visuel

Malentendus, erreurs d'interpr=E9tation et intraduisibilit=E9

Code-switching, x=E9nisme et multilinguisme

Les traducteurs et interpr=E8tes dans la fiction

L'esth=E9tique bilingue

La traduction intralinguale

* *

*Conf=E9renciers invit=E9s* :

*Louise Ladouceur * (traductrice et professeure agr=E9g=E9e en =E9tudes
fran=E7aises, Facult=E9 Saint-Jean, Universit=E9 de l'Alberta, Edmonton)

* *

*Drew Hayden Taylor* (dramaturge et =E9crivain, Curve Lake First Nation,

*Rita Wong* (po=E8te et professeure associ=E9e en =E9tudes critiques et
culturelles, Emily Carr Institute, Vancouver, C.-B.)

Ce colloque bilingue est organis=E9 par les =E9tudiantes et =E9tudiants des=
 2e et
3e cycles du programme de Litt=E9rature canadienne compar=E9e de l'Universi=
t=E9 de
Sherbrooke. Il est ouvert =E0 ceux et celles qui s'int=E9ressent aux
litt=E9ratures et cultures du Canada et du Qu=E9bec. Ce colloque offrira au=
=E9tudiantes et =E9tudiants un excellent forum pour discuter de leurs reche=
dans un milieu professionnel et accueillant.

Pour plus d'informations sur le colloque et nos conf=E9renciers, n'h=E9site=
z pas
=E0 visiter notre site Internet au :<

La date limite pour envoyer vos propositions de communication est *le
lundi30 janvier 2007
*. Ainsi, nous vous invitons =E0 nous les faire parvenir par courriel =E0 :

La publication des communications pr=E9sent=E9es lors du colloque se fera e=

Comit=E9 d'organisation :

Joanna Daxell

Linda Goin

Caroline Rivard

Jonathan S=E9guin

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