CFP: [Victorian] women and the artifacts of celebrity (collection; 11.1.07)

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ann hawkins
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"Beautiful Objects: Women Writers and the Artifacts of Celebrity"

The editors seek essays for a proposed collection on women’s commodification and celebrity
prior to the twentieth-century. We have already had preliminary conversations with a publisher
who has expressed interest in the volume.

What does it mean to be a woman celebrity? In what ways does a woman writer become
commodified, and how are those commodities publicized and marketed? Are women
commodified differently than men of the same period?

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Portraiture

 (or other ways by which a woman writer’s image is circulated)
o portraits of authors
o frontispieces
o cartes de 

o other images of the author: characteristics poses, etc.
o engravings of sketches by friends
o miniatures for public consumption
• Collectable objects
o ceramics,
o display pieces
o fairing boxes
o plates
o clocks, etc)
• Ephemera, including collections of ephemera in albums
o greeting cards,
o playing cards,

o cigarette and other collectable cards,
o calendars, etc.
• Books
o birthday books
o books by others that play upon the fame of the author: memoirs, collections of
correspondence, etc.
o books by the authors themselves marketed or reinvented so as to capitalize 

on celebrity
o exhibition, auction, or sale catalogs
o attributions and pseudo-authorship
o autobiographies, diaries
o non-literary published gossip (i.e., gossip columns rather than book reviews)
o association or presentation copies of the author’s work, including works used as school
prizes, etc.
• Locations and Events
o writer’s birthplaces,
o tombs
o funerals / anniversaries (of death, of birth)
o discussions of public performances
• Associations and Naming
o Clubs or reading groups named after famous woman writer (may or may not

 actually focus on her work)

o Objects named after famous writers: horses, ships, other non-literary, non-artistic objects
o Musical settings, songbooks, etc.

The editors invite papers from a range of theoretical frameworks or approaches, including but
not limited to material or popular culture, visual or print culture, etc.

500-word abstracts (or full papers) due by Nov 1, 2007 to both editors: Maura Ives, m-, and Ann R. Hawkins, Please send attachments as .doc
or .rtf files, or paste the abstract into the body of an email.

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