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Tatiana Kontou
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Call for Papers
Victorian Women and the Occult

Increasingly, contemporary scholarship reveals the strong connection
between Victorian women and the world of the nineteenth-century
supernatural. Women were intrinsically bound to the occult and the
esoteric â€" from mediums who materialised spirits to the epiphanic
experiences of the new woman, from theosophy to telepathy. This special
issue of Women’s Writing seeks to address the various ways in which
Victorian women expressed themselves and were constructed by the occult
through a broad range of texts.

Topics may include but are not limited to:

â–ºWomen and Spiritualism

â–ºWomen authors and the Victorian ghost story

â–ºWomen as investigators of the supernatural

â–ºThe representation of the occult on the Victorian stage by actresses and
women playwrights

â–ºCrystal gazing and writing

â–ºWomen and Theosophy

â–ºMesmerism, healing and women practitioners

â–ºWomen, transcendent experience and madness

â–ºWomen and secret societies

Please submit papers for consideration between 3000â€"7000 words to Dr.
Tatiana Kontou, T.Kontou_at_sussex.ac.uk, University of Sussex, by October
31st 2007.

(Contributors should follow the journal’s house style details of which
are to be found on the Women’s Writing web site

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