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Kyriaki Hadjiafxendi
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Sponsored by BAVS

Centre for Victorian Studies, School of Arts, Languages and Literatures,
University of Exeter
Department of History of Art, University of Bristol


Artistry and Industry: Representations of Creative Labour in Literature
and the Visual Arts c. 1830-1900
18-20 July 2008, University of Exeter

Keynote speakers: Tim Barringer (Professor of Art History,
University of Yale),
                        Michael Hatt (Professor of Art History,
University of Warwick)
                        Talia Schaffer (Associate Professor of English,

Plenary Panel: Patrizia di Bello (Lecturer in History and Theory
of Photography,
                                        Birkbeck College)
Richard Salmon (Senior Lecturer in Victorian Literature,
                University of Leeds)
Valerie Sanders (Professor of English Literature, University of

Other Participants: Kate Campbell (UEA), Liz Farr (Plymouth University),
Kyriaki Hadjiafxendi (Exeter University), Sally-Anne Huxtable (Bristol
University), David Jeremiah (Plymouth University), Andrew King
(University of Canterbury), Susie Needham (Exeter University), Claire
O’Mahony (Oxford University), John Plunkett (Exeter University), and Ana
Parejo Vadillo (Exeter University).

This interdisciplinary conference seeks to examine the nature and
representation of artistic labour within the nineteenth century’s
expanding print and visual culture. Its focus will be on
artistic ‘industry’ in a variety of forms including, but not limited to,
the nature of artistic work as conceptualised by writers and artists,
artistry as a profession, and art as commodity.

Drawing together contributors from Literature, Art History, History,
Drama and beyond, Artistry and Industry will also examine the connections
and the separations between those artistic milieux regarded as high-
culture (painting, sculpture, literature) and those classed as ‘art-
industry’ - such as pottery-painting, art needlework or engraving â€" or
even hack-work (such as Grub-Street writing).

We seek insights not only into the production, dissemination and
consumption of particular texts or objets d’art, but into the myths and
images developing around such figures as The Painter, The Lady Novelist,
The Man of the Theatre, The Craftswoman, The Poet, The Illustrator and
The Muse.

We invite abstracts (up to 300 words) from across the arts and humanities
for 15-20 minute papers. Please submit abstracts, including your name as
you would like it to appear, institutional affiliation, and email address
by February 15, 2008, to artindustry_at_exeter.ac.uk

Themes to consider include:


Hand-making/mass (re)production/publishing and distribution

Interior design/ dress design

Designer/Writer/Actor/Musician et al as artist

Fine/decorative/domestic arts

Advertising/literature/manuals for amateur/creative work

Professional/amateur status


Literary/visual representation

Conference organizers: Dr Sunie Fletcher, Dr Kyriaki Hadjiafxendi, Sally-
Anne Huxtable, Dr Patricia Zakreski

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