CFP: [Victorian] Legal Culture in Victorian England (NAVSA, Nov. 14-16, 2008)

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Melissa Ganz

CFP: Legal Culture in Victorian England
NAVSA 2008: The Arts and Culture in Victorian Britain
Yale University, New Haven, CT
November 14-16, 2008

>From sensational trials and sensation fiction to popular petitions,
parliamentary debates, and reforms, law permeated life in Victorian
England. This panel seeks to explore the nature and meanings of Victorian
legal culture. How did Victorians understand, define, and relate to the
law? What did the law mean to legal elites as well as to ordinary citizens?
Papers might focus on specific developments in legal doctrine--such as
evidence, contracts, and criminal law--and might consider the ways in which
the changes were registered in or shaped by paintings, poems, novels, and
plays. Alternatively, panelists might consider conflicts between natural
and positive law and between secular and divine conceptions of justice; or
they might explore the changing nature of the legal profession or the
implications of legal change for everyday social relations. Through
cross-disciplinary analysis, the panel ultimately aims to foster a better
understanding of the ways in which a variety of people--barristers,
jurists, legislators, and philosophers as well as writers and
artists--thought about, responded to, and shaped the law in Victorian England.

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