CFP: [Victorian] Photographic Technology and Technologies of Narrative (NAVSA, 4/7/08; 11/14-16, 2008)

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Daniel Novak
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This panel will consider the historical and theoretical intersection of
nineteenth-century photographic technology and narrative. Recent work in
Victorian studies has increasingly turned to technologies of representation
like photography as a way to understand the nineteenth-century literary
imaginary. Much of this work has focused on the relationship between
literary realism and technologies of “objective” knowledge, as well as on
the ideological narratives supported by “scientific” ways of
knowingâ€"ideologies of gender, race, and nationality. This panel, however,
hopes to explore questions that are at once narrower and broader: What
kinds of literary narrative does photography generate? How would we define
a narrative “technology” or a technology of narrative? In other words, are
new techniques of perception assimilated into older ways of knowing and
telling? Or do visual technologies change the definition of narrative and
perhaps even the literary itself? We invite papers that address a wide
range of photographic genres, formats, and technologies, as well as a broad
and flexible definition of “narrative.”

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