UPDATE: [Victorian] Who are the Victorians? Constructions of Identity in the Nineteenth Century (UK, GRAD)

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Louisa Hodgson

Postgraduate conference, School of English, University of Leeds, UK, 6th
September 2008. In collaboration with the Leeds Humanities Research

Prof. Francis O’Gorman â€" Welcome Address

Plenary Speakers:

Prof. Bridget Bennett â€" ‘Transatlantic Relations’
Dr. Matt Rubery â€" ‘Literature Out Loud: Audio Resources for the

The Victorians shaped notions of identity in worlds beyond their borders,
yet their identities were also shaped by those worlds. This one-day
conference aims to open up discussion about the composition of Victorian
identities. Building on the work of the colloquium ‘Where next in
Victorian Studies?’ held at the University of Leeds in November 2006, we
aim to interrogate the term ‘Victorian’ as a fixed delimitation of
geographical and historical identity. We will explore how the Victorian
sense of self was, and continues to be, shaped through the process of
cultural exchange, as well as through retrospective revisions and
adaptations. This conference will consider what it means to be
a ‘Victorian’ when that label crosses the boundaries of gender, nation,
race, ideology and time.

Postgraduate ‘professionalisation’ training to be provided.

We welcome proposals from all disciplines. Possible topics include (but
are not limited to):

o Transatlanticism
o Writing Empire
o The long Nineteenth Century
o Neo-Victorianism
o Theories of sex and gender
o Science (e.g. medicine, psychology)
o Technology (e.g. photography, printing, early film, audio
technology, communication)
o Writing the self (e.g. autobiography, the professionalisation of
o Travel writing, journalism, correspondence
o Architecture, the built environment, and civic identity
o Edification, entertainment and spectacle
Papers will be 20 minutes. Abstracts of not more than 300 words and a
brief bio-sketch of not more than 150 words should be submitted to
victorianidentity_at_hotmail.co.uk no later than 9th June 2008

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