CFP: Circulation (grad) (7/15/07; 10/26/07)

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Cynthia S. Williams

19th Annual Tufts University English Graduate Organization Conference
Friday, October 26, 2007


Keynote address: Professor Lauren Berlant, University of Chicago

We are all in the business of circulation: As scholars and educators,
we wrestle with an ever-evolving canon, we work to recover lost texts,
we launch websites and blogs to reach a wider audience. In the
classroom and with our colleagues, we publish, present, and stake our
claims. In short, we traffic in ideas.

This conference seeks to explore circulation across a wide range of
disciplines, genres, and texts. It aims to investigate the relationship
between circulation and value and to consider how the closed system
differs from the open circuit. What is the dynamic between the
circulated text and the circulated body? Between academia and the
marketplace? How does one restore circulation to a moribund figure,
genre, or subject? We're curious about what happens to a text when it
begins to circulate in a new way and how this might affect the
original. What can we say about the disparate fragments that circulate
as a bound volume?

Sometimes circulation is voluntary, while at other times it is coerced.
  We seek to investigate the pathways of circulatory systems: what
makes them healthy, and when are they carriers of contagion? Does
circulation leave a mark? How would one begin to map its path? Can
one circulate in private, or is it always a public affair? Circulation
might be progressive, transgressive, or just another form of business
as usual. How does history intervene, and, finally, who controls the

We encourage abstracts that explore and problematize circulation from a
wide spectrum of fields and disciplines. Topics may include but are
not limited to:

The aesthetics of circulation
Music, sound, voices over the phone
Networks and genealogies
Cycles of time and space
Travel narratives
Oral history The slave trade
Cultures of itinerancy
Diaspora and migration
Circulation and citizenship
Vectors of infection
Newspapers, magazines, ephemera
Libraries and archives
The politics of editing and publishing
Sediment, residue, and remains
Obstacles, blockage, and resistance
Maps and meaning

We are pleased to announce that our keynote speaker will be Lauren
Berlant, George M. Pullman Professor of English and Director of the
Lesbian and Gay Studies Project at the University of Chicago. Her
research and teaching interests include the formal and informal
dimensions of citizenship. More broadly, it interrogates affective
practices that bind strangers to each other through various ostensibly
stable categories of identity such as nation, race, sexuality, gender,
and class as well as through less stable scenes of intimate practice
that circulation produces wherever people can find each other—on the
street, the net, in neighborhoods, communities of consumers, etc.
Professor Berlant is the author of The Anatomy of National Fantasy
(Chicago, 1991), The Queen of America Goes to Washington City: Essays
on Sex and Citizenship (Duke, 1997), and the forthcoming The Female
Complaint: the Unfinished Business of Sentimentality in American
Culture (2008). She has also edited the volume Compassion: the
Culture and Politics of an Emotion (2004) and On the Case (2007).

Please submit a 1-2 page double-spaced abstract by July 15, 2007,
outlining your paper or presentation. Abstracts, including name, email
address, and phone number, should be sent to:

Cynthia Schoolar Williams
TEGO 2007 Conference
Department of English
East Hall 210
Tufts University
Medford MA 02155

Alternatively, you may send your abstract by email, with "TEGO
Abstract" in the subject line, to:

For further information, please contact Cynthia Williams at the above
address or Laurel Hankins at

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Tufts English Graduate Organization
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