Blending Media. Art in the Theatre/ Theatre in the Arts. 1 - 5 August, 2009

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Agnieszka Kolodziejska, University of Gdansk
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Gdansk Shakespearean Theatre, the University of Gdansk and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute are proud to announce a conference, entitled "Blending Media. Art in the Theatre/ Theatre in the Arts", to be held in Gdansk, 1 - 5 August, 2009.

The aim of the conference is to investigate some recent trends in the arts and theatre, which have resulted in increasing overlap, mutual infiltration and obliteration of boundaries. Not only are many artistic phenomena now referred to as "theatre" (as, for instance, Orlan's "operation theatre" or Herman Nitsch's "Das Orgien Mysterien Theater"), but many disciplines of art, such as the art of performance, are now also making use of theatre's rules and conventions. On the other hand, many artistic activities and behaviours hitherto not associated with theatre, such as body-art, video art or installation art, are making their way on to theatre stages. Theatre directors are increasingly inclined to use the new media, while artists theatricalise their works. This produces the impression of an attempt by the arts to colonize theatre (as, for instance, in various forms of postdramatic theatre); while on the other hand, new possibilities of artistic creation have appeared, which may eventually lead to the emergence of some new disciplines of art.
The conference organisers invite proposals for 30-minute papers concerning both artistic activity that involves considerable "theatricalisation" and theatrical productions that use the new media and other artistic activity. We are less interested in issues such as meanings, reception or ideology, as expressed by means of concrete works of art or theatre, than in the way these works employ hitherto independent means of artistic expression. We are especially interested in the manner in which meanings are created as boundaries are blurred, as well as in the question of the subjugation of one art by another.
Our keynote speakers include: Marvin Carlson, Eli Rozik, Patrice Pavis, Maria Shevtsova, Erika Fischer-Lichte, Christopher Balme, Steve Dixon, Bryan Reynolds and John Jesurun; we will also have a special session devoted to The Wooster Group, with the participation of Elizabeth LeCompte.
The conference, chaired by Professor Jerzy Limon of the Gdansk University, will take place during the 2009 13th Shakespearean Festival in Gdansk, which will focus on art and the new media on the stage. The festival, whose programme includes, among others, the New York Wooster Group's "Hamlet", will provide an excellent opportunity for experiencing new theatre forms and further discussion. Meetings with theatre artists are also planned, as well as a seminar on Theatre in Education.
The conference will be conducted in English. Publication of conference papers is envisaged. However, the organisers reserve the right to select from among the texts presented.
Please submit 300-500 word abstracts and a brief bio to Agnieszka Kolodziejska, the Conference Secretary,, by 1 May. Further inquiries are welcome.