Essay Collection: The Margin and the Mainstream in Romanian Culture

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University of Bucharest, Romania

Essay Collection: The Margin and the Mainstream in Romanian Culture

Several essays are still needed for a forthcoming collection on the relationships between the Romanian mainstream and the ethnic minorities within this state's fluctuating borders, beginning with late nineteenth century. At this point, we particularly welcome previously unpublished studies on the relationships between the majority and the German, Hungarian and Roma ethic groups as evinced by public sphere collective constructs at work in various periods of modern Romania. Specifically, we are interested in essays that approach the reception of literary texts written by such minority writers by mainstream cultural institutions, including the development of standards that define 'national literature' and implicitly the national canon, as well as national curricula and secondary education literature handbooks. We equally welcome essays that address issues of national and / or ethnic identity as reflected by literary texts written by German-, and Hungarian-Romanian writers.

This collection will be published in English by an academic publishing house, in late 2009, as part of the deliverables included in a research project financed by the Romanian National Council for Research, titled Cultures of Diaspora: The Margin and the Mainstream in Jewish-Romanian and Jewish-American Literatures. Approval has been sought and provisionally obtained for the subsequent inclusion of the volume in an academic research data base.

Please address inquiries and send abstracts of up to 500 words and a brief CV (as Word docs) to by April 30th, 2009. Authors will be notified of their acceptance by May 10th 2009 and will be expected to submit completed essays of 4,000-7,000 words (MLA Citation Style) by mid July 2009.

Project Team Members,

Ass. Prof. Mihai Mîndra, University of Bucharest - Project Director
Prof. Victor Neumann, University of Timisoara - Senior Researcher
Prof. Stephen Whitfield, Brandeis University - Senior Researcher
Camelia-Dana Mihailescu, University of Bucharest -Junior Researcher
Emilia Postolache, University of Bucharest - Junior Researcher