Ann Veronica: Feminist, Flaneuse and Freethinker? 26 September 2009

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H G Wells Society

This interdisciplinary, one-day conference marks the 100th anniversary of the publication of H.G. Wells's 'feminist' novel, Ann Veronica. In this unique conference, we will be exploring the lives and work of women who were associated with Wells or were influenced by him during the Edwardian era.

We welcome hearty debate and papers on the following or related topics:

Ann Veronica, the story of its publication, contents and influence

How 'feminist' a novel is Ann Veronica?

Wells's fiction and his portrayal of concerns and interests relating to women, for instance, education, suffrage, sexual freedom and the role of women in his utopian works

The work and achievements of the women writers who worked alongside Wells during his lifetime

Wells's relationship with women