NVCQ Issue 11 – Creative Visions: Québec Cinema and its Auteurs

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Nouvelles "vues" sur le cinéma québécois

Nouvelles « vues » sur le cinéma québécois invites emerging and established researchers, critics, filmmakers and enlightened film enthusiasts to submit article proposals for its eleventh issue on Quebec film and its auteurs, which is scheduled to be published in the summer of 2009.

Quebec cinema, once the numbers are set aside, remains the work of artists and auteurs who cultivate a relationship (at times cordial, at times tumultuous) with the film industry. Through a diversity of approaches, of themes, and of strategies, those filmmakers help to build (and contest) the social imaginary, they reflect on the state of society, they propose images for dreams and utopias, and they help (re)write a history which they cannot ignore. The passage of years allows, for our fairly young cinematography, an appreciation of the various emerging corpuses in order to gain not only a deep understanding of art history in Quebec, but also a nuanced point of view on the (necessarily) polyphonic voices heard throughout the various channels of film.

Topics may include (but are not limited to):

•Studies of a partial or complete auteur's corpus;
•Comparative analyses of two (or more) auteur corpuses;
•Reflections on the concept of auteur in the context of Quebec cinéma;
•Author film and/or popular film;
•A biographical study of a filmmaker;
•Interviews with an auteur of a creative team;
•Cinema and other arts: multidisciplinary auteurs;
•On the difficulties of building a corpus: creative constraints.

Please send your 250 word proposals (academic article, editorial text or innovative visual and textual forms) before April 1st, 2009 to duguay.sylvain@gmail.com. Completed articles are requested by May 30, 2009. All articles will be submitted anonymously to two members of a reviewing committee for evaluation.

Nouvelles « vues » sur le cinéma québécois is a bilingual electronic periodical published with the help of the Canada Arts Council.