(UPDATE) American Identity, Toulouse, France June 10-11, 2010

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University of Toulouse, France
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International Conference
organized by G.E.N.A. (Groupe d'Etudes Nord-Américaines)
Université de Toulouse-Le Mirail, C.A.S.
June 10-11, 2010

This conference aims at exploring the ways in which American identity is constructed in terms of relationship(s) rather than rupture. Besides America's narratives of exceptional destiny and distinctiveness, what events, images, or discourses can we investigate that are based instead on principles of interactivity, continuity or connectedness. We hope to favor an interdisciplinary inquiry into these questions of relation and interaction in American identity construction by bringing together scholars from a wide spectrum of disciplines.
Papers are accepted in English, French or Spanish.

Paper proposals (a title, a 150 word abstract, and details of your institutional affiliation) should be sent by April 5, 2009 to both Nathalie Dessens and Wendy Harding:
dessens@univ-tlse2.fr; harding@univ-tlse2.fr

For a longer description of the conference theme, see the document on our website: