[UPDATE] Bangor University postgraduate Truth and Lies interdisciplinary conference.

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Bangor University

Truth and Lies: An Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Conference
June 11th - 12th

Organized by the College of Arts and Humanities, Bangor University, Wales

Call for Papers

Our society bombards us with deception: false reports, embellished
testimony, misleading advertising, and that which goes unsaid. But are we
really being lied to? Or is the truth hiding underneath the deception, and
is it up to us to actively bring it to light?

We invite contributions from postgraduates across the disciplines in the
Arts and Humanities. Topic areas should reflect the interdisciplinary theme
of the conference. Suggestions may include (but are not limited to):

• Autobiography: How much is truth, how much exaggeration bordering on lies?
• Journalism: How trustworthy are sources?
• Authorship: Should the author/creator be taken into consideration when
evaluating a creative work or should the work stand on its own?
• Creative Writing: Does the author have the right to manipulate the facts
to create a better story?
• Biopics: Filmic representations of truth or carefully crafted works of
• History vs. Hollywood: What do the changes say about a society?
• Adaptations: How does the adaptation of a book to a film manipulate the
original work and change its reception?
• History: Does history tell us the truth or does it depend upon who is
telling it?
• Language/translation: Can art or rhetoric be truthfully translated, or do
they change from language to language, translator to translator?
• Religion: How are religious texts altered by translation, by
interpretation from one culture to the next?
• Photography: A truthful depiction of a scene or a montage of omitted truths?
• Media: How are media used to blur and manipulate the truth via language,
images, film techniques, music choice, internet participation?
• The Power of Music: Perspectives and approaches in history, lyrics,
aesthetics, politics, authenticity and propaganda.

This conference is organized by postgraduates in the College of Arts &
Humanities at Bangor University, for the purpose of bringing together
researchers in the international community of arts and humanities.

All postgraduate researchers interested in participating should submit a
300 word abstract to Ellie Sutcliffe, Conference Secretary, at
bucahconference_at_googlemail.com by March 31, 2009. If you would like early
notification of acceptance, please note that in your email. We will notify
accepted participants by March 31, 2009.