"Bringing Walls Down" - Carbondale, IL - Oct 22-24 2009

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Foreign Language Film Conference

Interested scholars are invited to submit papers on aspects of film from traditions other than English, for the third-annual Foreign Language Film Conference. The conference will take place October 22nd-24th, at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.

The theme for FLFC III will be "Bringing Walls Down." Twenty years after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, we propose to consider how national cinematic traditions address the questions of walls (literal and figurative), changing historical realities, building and destroying (cultural constructions, physical barriers, genre preconceptions). Abstracts are invited in the following categories:

*Cultural, social, linguistic borders and their representations
*Accepting, rejecting, and questioning natural or official borders
*Changing, challenging, or crossing borders – history and genre
*Cinematic traditions – countries that no longer exist/countries that newly exist

*Real life and fiction: rethinking generic borders
*Cinema "engagé"
*Teaching historical events through film
*Focus on 1989 – Berlin, Balkans, Baltics, Beijing and the Bastille bicentenary

*Putting walls up – set construction and cinematic space
*Geopolitics and genre
*Emergent voices: languages, traditions, identities (national/regional)
*Incorporating cinema in foreign language syllabi

These possible topics are not exhaustive and other suggestions are welcome; please see website for details.

Please send 250-word abstract as an email attachment in Microsoft Word format. All submissions should be in English, including citations. Abstract should include presenter's name, contact address and telephone number, and professional affiliation and status. Presentations should be no longer than 15-20 minutes including any media support. Deadline for submission of abstracts (papers and panels): 15 April 2009.

Please send all abstracts to the following two contacts: Véronique Maisier (vmaisier@siu.edu) and Rosemary Peters (rpeters@lsu.edu)

The website for FLFC 2009 will soon be available at : http://www.siu.edu/~flfc