Dramas of Life in the Renaissance

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Lloyd Kermode/ California State University Long Beach Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
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Conference: Renaissance Society of America conference
Venice, Italy, 8-10 April 2010

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Why has human society consistently incorporated drama into its sense of self and community? Why do people want to watch other people "playing out" scenarios in history and fiction. Why are people compelled to live out stories and explain themselves and their relations to other people, places, and objects in dramatic ways? Where do we draw the line in historiography, theater history, art and literary studies between "drama" and the "dramatic" - between official play and the merely playful?

This panel invites papers that discuss the "dramatic" in early modern life. Domestic dramas, political dramas, re-presentations of history, manipulations and farcical narratives. How is drama used (intentionally and unintentionally) to create, alter, and negate personal and communal identity in urban, regional, rural, or national settings? Papers that speak across space and time and that cross disciplinary lines are especially encouraged.

Please send 200-word abstracts in the body of an email plus 1-2 page cv to lkermode@csulb.edu by May 1.