Para Sempre Poe / Forever Poe Conference 20-23 Sept. 09 (deadline 30 June 09)

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Julio Jeha / Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Antonio Tillis / Purdue University
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An international celebration of Poe's bicentennial

The aims of this international conference are: 1) to celebrate Edgar A. Poe in the year of the bicentennial of his birth by engaging in a discussion of his relevance for literature and the other arts; 2) to re-evaluate issues embedded in his works such as the relationship between fear and literature, crimes and their strategies of enunciation, lyrical poetry and the figurations of power, fault, guilt and the human condition; and, 3) to explore the possible translations of the critical and fictional theories of one of the most accomplished writers of all times.
We invite papers that address the following topics:
Poe and the translations of his works
Poe and literary theory
Poe and lyrical poetry
Poe and horror stories
Poe and detective stories
Poe and the reception of his writings
Poe, humor and irony