Language, literature and cultural studies

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Military Technical Academy, Bucharest, Romania- Department of Foreign Languages

Language, literature and cultural studies
ISSN: 2065-3867
Call for papers
Deadline: 30 July 2009 for LLCS no.3 and 30 November 2009 for LLCS no.4
The Department of Foreign Languages of the Military Technical Academy Bucharest-Romania- invites you to contribute to the third and fourth numbers of the Journal of Language, Literature and Cultural Studies, Postmodernism and minimalism or "the game of less is more"
LLCS publishes research articles and reviews in the following domains: literature, literature and civilisaţion, comparative literature and civilization, cultural studies, linguistics, applied linguistics, translation studies, foreign language acquisition, foreign language teaching.Original papers are accepted, including but not limited to the following topics: economy of representation,uniformity,subjectivity,diversity,irony, the game, construction and deconstruction, less is more,the stream of consciousness,narrative fragmentation,the creative role of the reader,the part and the whole.

Contact : (English) (English and French) (French)

Languages: French and English
Paper size: A4, Font size: Times New Roman 14: Spacing: single line, 12 pages maximum, 6 pages minimum
Page setup: margins 2,5cm all over
Title of the article: Caps, bold, centered, followed by one blank
First name, last name, institutional affiliation (full address and e-mail), centered, Times New Roman, followed by two blanks
Abstracts should be written in French and in English followed by a blank
Key words: maximum 10
Text of the article: justified
Footnotes: bottom of page, font size 10, numbering: continuous
Titles of books: italics
Titles of articles: quoted
References: the authors should be ordered alphabetically, not numbered as follows:
Deleuze, Gilles, Différence et répétition, Paris, PUF, 1968
Articles will be submitted as MS Word documents.