Modernism and Scientific Knowledge (MSA 2009)

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Modernist Studies Association 2009
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Modernist Studies Association 2009 (Nov 5-9, Montreal): CFP, Modernism and Scientific Knowledge Panel

The first half of the twentieth century produced both scientific and cultural revolutions; what it also produced, as CP Snow pointed out in The Two Cultures, was the perception of an even greater divide between scientific and "non-scientific" knowledge.

But in fact, throughout the modernist period, scientific knowledge and non-scientific knowledge—like literature and literary criticism—proved to be inextricably linked. And this is what this panel hopes to explore: how 20th century science can inform our understanding of modernist literary practice and how literary modernism can change the way we discuss the history and practice of science.

Invited are papers that examine representations of science in modernist literature, that analyze modernist literary criticism with respect to the history of science, or that try to place modernism and twentieth-century science within a larger history of ideas.

Please send abstracts (250 words) and a brief scholarly biography to Josh Gang (jsgang AT no later than 9 May 2009.