CFP Anything But Safe: Sex, Sexuality, and Gender ESSAY COLLECTION (July 15 2009 proposal deadline)

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Adam Pridemore, Taylor Mitchell, Chrissy Auger, and Jessica McKee - University of South Florida
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Anything But Safe - Essays on Sex, Sexuality, and Gender

~~~People like sex, society eschews sexuality, and academia banters about gender theory.~~~

We invite proposals of original essays on sex, sexuality, and gender as topics that are 'Anything But Safe' in terms of both society and academia. Sex, sexuality, and gender are culture constructions, necessarily informed by cultural circumstances and manipulated according to the existing expectations of class, race, and power relations – as many critical studies have demonstrated. However, too often it seems that these 'unsafe' topics are relegated to an academic discourse that tends to reify their subject matter into a "safer" more disconnected position.

With this proposed peer-reviewed collection we seek essays that scrutinize how these 'unsafe' cultural constructs of sex, sexuality and gender are translated into society, politics, textbooks, and within the confines of the classroom. We hope to create a safe space for questioning and extending the very means by which society, students, and academics interact with these concepts, and also to push at the boundaries of current gender, sex, and sexuality studies. We will give special consideration and priority to essays that explore the idea of "safe" spaces in relation to these unsafe terms, especially 'safe' spaces in academia and academic discourse.

Possible topics include:

~ Pedagogical imperatives in multi-gendered classrooms
~ Sex or gender and authority
~ Eroticism in literature and film
~ Sex and society: sexually-charged current events
~ Shattered images of masculinity/femininity in contemporary life and aesthetics
~ Nudity, pornography, and new media (tv, ads, internet, youtube, cybersex...)
~ Sexual rubrics: how (American) "society" evaluates others based upon sexual conduct
~ Sex, sexuality, and elective surgery
~ Feminists and the free-love movement
~ Sexual warfare: war rapes/crimes against women/sexual hate crimes
~ Ethics of female genital mutilation
~ Generation seX: what has become normalized in sexualities? What remains taboo?
~ Politicizing sex/sex and the law
~ The female factor in contemporary international politics
~ Sex and 21st Century religions
~ Hot for teacher: problems in the recent student-teacher sex epidemic
~ Rhetoric of seduction in film and literature
~ Multiple mindsets: psychologies behind swingers, orgies, infidels, deviants, etc.

Please send abstracts of 500 words, accompanied by a brief bio, to Adam Pridemore at, with the subject heading of "Anything But Safe Essay Collection."

500 word abstracts and short bio are due by July 15, 2009.

Final essays of 4,000 to 7,500 words in length are due by September 15, 2009.