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FilmSight: The Online Journal for Postgraduate Research into Film Studies

Call for Papers: Silence

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 15th September 2009 Send to:

This is a call for papers for FilmSight. We welcome submissions from current Postgraduate researchers on 'Silence' in film, including but not restricted to:

* Silent cinema
* Soundtrack
* Silence and the body
* The theme of silence
* The silence of the sub-altern
* Silence and the digital
* Silent cinema in the age of sound
* New reflections on silent cinema
* Silence and theory
* The use of silence
* Silence and discourse

Submissions should be between 3,000 to 6,000 words.

All submissions may be sent as email attachment in a word-readable format to: Academic papers must include endnotes and conform to the Harvard style of referencing. All papers should also be accompanied by a 150 word abstract and a short biog of the author. Submitters must be current postgraduate students either MA or PhD.
 For further information please visit FilmSight at

FilmSight is the online journal for film studies postgraduates (or those Postgraduates whose research is connected to film) to have articles published online. The intention of FilmSight is to become a cyber testing ground for emerging debates, ideas and areas of interest stemming from postgraduate research. All submissions will go through a rigorous review process by an editorial board of six postgraduate researchers. FilmSight is supported by established academics in the field of Film Studies, including Professor Susan Hayward and Professor Steve Neale of the University of Exeter and Dr Mark Shiel of King's College, London.