[UPDATE] "The Libretto as Enlightenment Text"

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Pamela Gay-White/ Alabama State University
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Seeking articles (5000-7000 words) for pending publication of essays concerning libretto's transformation as text during Enlightenment, delineating Ialian from French cultural ideals, bringing into play theories of language. Themes of interest include following:

-reformulation of opera
-gender roles and writing of libretti
-the philosophes
-readership and libretti
-the libretto and musical mimesis
-restyled libretti
-the libretto as mise-en-abime of linguistic liberation
-the libretto and The French Revolution

Study explores libretto's role as revolutionary genre, while focusing on ways its evolution as text reflected Enlightenment thought. Especially welcome are explorations of individual libretti, as well as topics addressing readership.

Deadlines: Abstracts - Sept. 15, 2009; completed manuscript, April 15, 2010.