[UPDATE] anthology of essays, Human Geographies: Towards an understanding of Diasporic Subjectivity

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Aparajita De
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In this anthology of essays, tentatively titled Human Geographies: Towards an understanding of Diasporic Subjectivity, we are interested to explore the importance of "positionality and location" (to use Lata Mani's phrase), personal history, and the impacts of multiple geopolitical transplantations in the development of identity and subjectivity in the fictional works of postcolonial writers of the diaspora.

We are particularly interested in South Asian female writers belonging (or having affiliations to) the Caribbean, South African, Australian, British, and the Canadian diaspora.

We invite 20 page essays (and interviews) examining the inflections of subjectivity in works by Lakshmi Persaud (Trinidad and Tobago), Farida Karodia (South Africa), Yasmine Gooneratne (Australia), Monica Ali (UK), and Anita Rao Badami (Canada).

Individual essays should include (although they should not be limited) in exploring the above themes in the writers mentioned. Submissions are due by October 30, 2009.

Essays should comply with the MLA format and should not be beyond 20 pages (Plus End noted and Works Cited) double spaced, 12 point font, and in Times New Roman.

Brief abstracts (250 words) and bio (50 words) with your research interests and professional affiliations in MS Word format are due by August 31, 2009 to any one of us:

Aparajita De, University of Maryland, College Park, USA

Email: de.aparajita@gmail.com

Amrita Ghosh, Drew University, USA

Email: aghosh@drew.edu

Ujjwal Jana, Visiting Faculty,Indiana University,USA

Email: ujjwal_jn@yahoo.co.in