[UPDATE] IALJS-5: Literary Journalism: Perspectives and Prospects (Roehamtpon University, London, UK, 20-22 May 2010)

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International Association for Literary Journalism Studies
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International Association for Literary Journalism Studies

"Literary Journalism: Perspectives and Prospects"
The Fifth International Conference for Literary Journalism Studies

Roehampton University
School of Arts
Centre for Research in Creative and Professional Writing (ReWrite) London, U.K.

20-22 May 2010

The International Association for Literary Journalism Studies invites proposals for panels on Literary Journalism for the IALJS annual convention on 20-22 May 2010. The conference will be held at the School of Arts at Roehampton University in London, U.K.

The conference hopes to be a forum for scholarly work of both breadth and depth in the field of literary journalism. All research methodologies are welcome, as are papers on all aspects of literary journalism and/or literary reportage. For the purpose of scholarly delineation, our definition of literary journalism is "journalism as literature" rather than "journalism about literature." The association especially hopes to receive proposals related to the general conference theme, "Literary Journalism: Perspectives and Prospects."
All submissions must be in English.

The International Association for Literary Journalism Studies is a multi-disciplinary learned society whose essential purpose is the encouragement and improvement of scholarly research and education in Literary Journalism. As an association in a relatively recently defined field of academic study, it is our agreed intent to be both explicitly inclusive and warmly supportive of a variety of scholarly approaches.

Details of the programs of previous annual meetings can be found at:

Information on the new journal, Literary Journalism Studies, is here:

Guidelines for Panel Proposals

(a) Submission by e-mail attachment is required, in either an MS Word
(2004) or Adobe PDF format. No faxes or postal mail submissions will be accepted;
(b) Panel proposals should contain the panel title, possible participants and their affiliation and e-mail addresses, and a description of the panel's subject. The description should be approximately 250 words in length;
(c) Panels are encouraged on any topic related to the study, teaching or practice of literary journalism.

Evaluation Criteria, Deadlines and Contact Information

All panel proposals will be evaluated on the degree to which they contribute to the study of literary journalism, clarity of purpose, and the research timeliness of the topic. Submissions from students as well as faculty are encouraged. At the 2009 conference at Northwestern University, for example, the panel topics included "The Future of the Story, The Story of the Future: Narrative Journalism in a Multi-Media Environment," "Joseph Mitchell's 100th Anniversary:
Interpretations of his Work and Legacy," and "Teaching Long-Form Journalism in a Short-Form World."

Please submit panel proposals to:

Prof. Norman Sims
University of Massachusetts, Amherst (U.S.A.) 2010 Conference Program Chair, International Association for Literary Journalism Studies
E-mail: sims@journ.umass.edu

Deadline for all submissions: No later than 31 January 2010
For more information regarding the conference or the association, please go to http://WWW.IALJS.ORG or contact:

Prof. David Abrahamson
Northwestern University (U.S.A.)
President, International Association for Literary Journalism Studies
E-mail: d-abrahamson@northwestern.edu

Prof. Alice Trindade
Universidade Técnica de Lisboa (Portugal) Vice President, International Association for Literary Journalism Studies
E-mail: atrindade@iscsp.utl.pt

Prof. John Bak
I.D.E.A., Nancy-Université (France)
Past President, International Association for Literary Journalism Studies
E-mail: john.bak@univ-nancy2.fr

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