Tolkien at Kalamazoo 9-15-2009

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Tolkien at Kalamazoo (Robin Anne Reid)

Tolkien at Kalamazoo will host six paper sessions and roundtables in 2010.

Teaching Tolkien: A Roundtable. With the MLA Teaching Tolkien anthology in progress and the planned establishment of an online, peer-reviewed journal, on Teaching Tolkien resources, this roundtable remains a vital and important one to show how Tolkien's work is taught at all grade levels, in multiple disciplines and periods, and as the sole focus or part of a larger focus.

The Hobbit: A Roundtable. With the major publication by John Rateliff on the manuscript history and the upcoming film based on _The Hobbit_, this early novel can be the subject of a newly complex and analytical focus for both scholars and teachers.

Tolkien Un-Bodied (paper session): Recent sessions have focused on Bodies and Tolkien; this paper session will take up a vital topic for scholarly discussion that has not been considered as much in recent years: the world of the spirit, both in medieval and modern history.

Medieval Fantasy, Alchemy, and Modern Science in Tolkien's Legendarium (paper session): While fantasy is often constructed in opposition to the science of science fiction, Tolkien's work draws on medieval alchemy and ideas about the natural world that have become part of science, especially in relation to technology. This paper session will consider the medieval and modern conceptions of science, nature, and techology as explored in Tolkien's _Legendarium)_.

Tolkien As Scholar, Translator, Academic (paper session): Tolkien's scholarship on "Beowulf" as well as his translations of medieval texts ("Gawain," "Pearl," _Ancrene Wisse_) as well as his scholarship on fairy stories and the theory and philosophy of the uses of the fantastic in the modern world will be the focus of this paper session.

Tolkien and the Bible (paper session): This paper session is connected to a proposed anthology which will analyze Tolkien's work in relation to the Bible.