UPDATE: [Cultural-Historical] Exit 9: Terror and Textuality DEADLINE EXTENDED

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Sandra Sokowski
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Submission deadline extended to November 1, 2007!

Exit 9: The Rutgers Journal of Comparative Literature
Textuality and Terror

How may we define this broad term, “terror”, beyond the direct experience
of extreme fear? As a term in itself, how has it evolved to contemporary
usage, and what are its limits? Is it best defined dialectically in
relation to a nation or element of authority? Or is it characterized by a
lack of apparent structure, which threatens the possibility of
structuration itself? What is the relation of terror to political order,
or does it necessarily have to be related? How can terror change the
significance of a place (i.e. “ground zero,” Iraq, or domestic space) and
what are the implications of this change?

How can terror, as the violent creation of ruptures or semantic
decentering, relate to the study of literature? Can terror exist within a
text, or does it deny the systematization necessary for coherent meaning?
How might writing, or aesthetic production, create terror? Likewise, how
might a text be terrorized (through subversive reading,
recontextualization, decentering, editing, or censure)? How might a
certain text (or any form of aesthetic production) terrorize a literary
canon, institution, or power structure?

Possible topics may include (but are not limited to):
--representations of terror in literature
--cinema and terror
--terror as a discursive phenomenon
--the relationship of terror to power
--terror and memory

Exit 9 welcomes essays that explore the concept of terror through
literature, visual, or performance arts, and the socio-historical
assumptions that make this term possible.

Please send all submissions to:
Exit 9: The Rutgers Journal of Comparative Literature
Program in Comparative Literature
Rutgers University
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All submissions should follow MLA format. Please include with the submission:
- a current CV
- brief bio (250 words)

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