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The journal "Jura Gentium Cinema" ( is seeking reviews (between 5000 and 10000 words) for the following movies:

1) "Amreeka" by Cherien Dabis (AKA "Amerrika" (Fr)). Muna (Nisreen Faour), a divorced Palestinian woman, leaves the West Bank with Fadi (Melkar Muallem), her teenaged sun, to the city of Illinois. Both mother and son hope to start a new life in America but go through a difficult transition. Fadi must adapt to the hallways and classrooms of his new high school. And Muna must keep up with the pace cooking hamburgers at a local White Castle.

2) "Gamer" by Mark Neveldine (AKA "Ultimate Game" (Fr)). Set in a future-world where humans can control other humans in mass-scale, multi-player online gaming environments, a star player (Butler) from a game called "Slayers" looks to regain his independence while taking down the game's mastermind (Hall).

3) "Carriers" by A. and D. Pastor. Four kids are driving through the desert on the way to the beach, their faces anything but cheery: this isnt Spring Break. Theyre trying to outrun the end of the world and each other. In Álex and David Pastors CARRIERS, no one is safe from the viral pandemic threatening to wipe out the human race.

4) "The Time that Remains" by Elia Souleiman (AKA "Le temps qu'il reste" (Fr)). An examination of the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 through to the present day.

5) "Eyes Wide Open" by Haim Tabakman (AKA "Tu n'aimeras point" (Fr)). A married, Orthodox Jewish father of four falls in love with a twenty two year old male student.

The review should be informative and evaluative, without being dismissive: that is, the reviewer should find some value in the work being reviewed.

Reviews in French, Spanish, Italian are also welcomed.

Please contact prof. Filippo Del Lucchese ( for submissions.

Jura Gentium Cinema