Tutoring WAC/WID (for WAC 2010) (Sep. 25, 2009) (May 20-22, 2010)

full name / name of organization: 
Robert Cedillo/UNR, Al Harahap/SFSU

Tutoring WAC/WID: The Intersections of Writing Across the Curriculum and the Writing Center

Please circulate amongst your colleagues and tutors. We are looking for another project/presentation to complete our panel proposal for the WAC 2010 conference at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, May 20-22.

Our main interests are in exploring intersections between Writing Across the Curriculum and WC/tutoring scholarship, both in theory and practice. We often suggest that WAC programs and writing centers inform and support each other in their theoretical positions and practical objectives. More and more now, the study of these intersections is flourishing. For this reason, we're interested in exploring specific relationships between WAC and writing center work as they relate to tutoring.

We welcome other graduate student projects as well as works in progress. Any research/projects focusing on WC's/tutoring programs' role in the success of WAC programs are especially welcome. We are also interested in the following questions and concerns:

What relationships have WAC and WC established so far?
Ideologically, how close should an institution's WAC and WC be?
How about administratively?
How do these relationships help WAC? WC?
How do these relationships impede WAC? WC?
How do these relationships affect the curriculum? The student? The tutor? The teacher? The administration? The institution?
Where is tutoring WAC/WID best located—the classroom, the WC, online, a mix, elsewhere?
How does tutoring WAC/WID function differently in these various spaces?
...or any other topic that may be pertinent.

Please email 250-word abstracts or any questions to Robert Cedillo and Al Harahap at tutoringwac2010@gmail.com with subject line "Tutoring WAC 2010 Abstract" by September 25, 2009.

We look forward to hearing about your projects,

Robert Cedillo, University of Nevada, Reno
Al Harahap, San Francisco State University